ArcheDream for Humankind provides workshops for students of all ages and levels. We specialize in Mask Making, Mask & Movement and DIY theater. Our workshops are designed to fit into any school schedule- after school program or part of a curriculum, business retreat, summer session or festival. The courses range from one time visits that give an overview of how to create your own mask to a full semester series of DIY theatre.


The instructor gives a short lesson on color theory and how lines can create effects on a mask. Students are given an ADHK Template as their start to creating a mask, once they pass the first level, the instructor hands out other materials to layer on to the masks to give extra qualities and texture.


The instructor leads the class in a warm up that takes the students through different movement qualities. These movements are then developed through games and improvisation exploration. Once masks are introduced, games evolve into short narratives that the students start to build. If this class is followed by a mask making workshop the students will create a narrative with their own mask in a group or individual setting.



The full semester series builds the students knowledge of how to create a mask, make costumes, learn choreography & how to move with a mask on and most importantly how to work in a group. The teacher offers advice and gives critiques to push the students creativity. An important part of the series long workshops is teaching the students process and the value of process to creating something great.