We have a few dreams for 2024. 
1. Inter-school battle league in Philadelphia School District
With two years of successful collaboration with Philadelphia schools, we've built a strong network of school leaders. We trust that we could coordinate more interaction between the school through dance.
There has never been a hip hop dance battle league featured in a public school district in Philadelphia. We wouldn't be surprised if something like this has never existed in the states. With your support, MoveMakers could be the first to launch such a program.
2. With the opening of 812 Chestnut, MoveMakers Philly has combined forces with Martial Posture Studio. Mr. Vince is back on the mat as the head instructor of martial arts at 812 Chestnut. He is ready to bring the positive teachings of the martial arts to Philadelphia public schools where he aims to promote non-violence and bully prevention.
3. Philly Music Factory, our network's music school, has also developed nicely over the past few years. We are eager for this program to be used to impact underserved youth too. It is our goal to recruit musical children that attend the public schools where we teach in hopes of providing them additional ensemble and other learning opportunities at no cost.
I Am The Move has been supported by our fiscal sponsor, Archedream for Humankind, since 2021. With are extremely thankful for ADHK director, Patricia Dominguez', continued support.

 *The hyperlink for donation will take you to our fiscal sponsor, ADHK’s PayPal page. You will initially receive a receipt that payment is complete. Soon after, you will receive an email notice that contains information for your tax filing.

To donate by check, email kayla@urbanmovementarts.com

Our Goals for 2024 Season
  • Start inter-school battle circuit between Philadelphia public schools
  • Launch Martial Arts based anti-bullying, teamwork building, exercise and confidence building class in Philadelphia schools
  • Free music training for dedicated music students recruited in the Philadelphia school district
  • Continued professional development

Our Success in 2023 Season

  • Offered class to 250 PSD students weekly January-June 2023 (up about 100 from the previous year)
  • Provided hip hop dance history performances to 2,000+ students attending PSD schools.
  • 75% of PSD students polled said that MoveMakers classes were extremely fun
  • 100% of PSD students polled said MoveMakers classes put them in a better mental and emotional state for their next endeavor, whether it was a class, going to a new activity or home for the day
  • 100% of PSD teachers polled said that MoveMakers classes supported positive morale in their classrooms.
  • PSD students mentioned that MoveMakers classes supported: increased self-defence; increased creativity and self-expression; appreciation for teamwork and collaboration.
  • We provided 30 summer camp scholarships in 2023
  • Funds raised contributed to Red Cross First Aid and CPR training
  • Funds raised contributed to professional development with Global Writes