ArcheDream for HUMANKIND a 501(c)3 organization has performed shows and taught workshops to thousands of adults and children across the world, seeking to influence its audience to think beyond their means. ArcheDream for Humankind uses Archetypes- which are universal thoughts, ideas or emotions, in their performances to reach audiences across the globe.

ADHK tours repertoire performances that tell stories through the use of archetypes. The use of these archetypal characters makes ArcheDream performances easily relatable to audiences of all ages.

ADHK creates driven high- energy performances that are designed for special event productions. From large scale corporate productions, concerts or private parties, ADHK’s catered performances serve to entertain, uplift and inspire.

ArcheDream for Humankind is the vision and voice of South African artist Alan Bell.

Growing up in the age of Apartheid, he resolved to find an art form that would unify the radically divided audience in an ecstasy of wonder. In 1976, Alan fled to Amsterdam where he discovered the power of the tradition of mask theater to convey stories and unifying truths in a dreamlike and mythological way, resonating with the audiences subconscious perceptions and outward expressions. By combining the bold subtleties of mask theater with the medium of black light, Alan has discovered a method to bridge his African roots and inherited European and American culture to create archetypal theatre that transforms by relieving audiences of suppressed feelings that is at the root of our alienation from one another.

In 2000, Alan Bell and Glenn Weikert founded ArcheDream for Humankind and established itself in Philadelphia. Alan, Glenn and Jacqui Tichenor then created ArcheDream for HUMANKIND, 501c3 and now reside on the Board of Trustees.


Melissa Ayers

Alan Bell

Patricia Dominguez

Ian Kerr

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